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DURATION: 10 non-recoverable lessons per course (2 weeks) 45 minutes per lesson PRICE: € 150 AGE OF PARTICIPANTS:
  • ACCELERATED NURSERY COURSE: kindergarten children (who have already attended the first year of kindergarten) from 4 to 6 years
  • ACCELERATED ELEMENTARY COURSE: elementary school children (who have already attended the first year of elementary school) from 7 to 10 years
PERIOD: from 13/06 to 24/06 and from 11/07 to 22/07 HOURS: 4.30pm and 5.15pm In the first period, the teachers will be Giorgio and Stefano and the courses will be 2 per time slot respectively one for the nursery and one for the elementary school. In the second period, the teacher will be Valentina: at 4.30 pm there will be the course for the nursery, at 5.15 pm the one for elementary school.
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Acqua Bike

Capacity: 2 – 13 Length: 45mins Description: It is water spinning with multiple beneficial effects. Useful to fight overweight and to advance body drainage and toning. Thanks to the water and the absence of gravity, the knees are not excessively stressed, allowing physical effort without side effects.

Acqua Circuit

Capacity: 2 – 12 Length: 45mins Description: New at Avalon. Diversified workout with different workstations during which we will switch between Aqua Wellness exercises (with the help of new tools such as elastic trampolines) and water bikes exercises to deliver a fun and complete training. Acqua Circuit manages to satisfy even the most demanding customers with its aerobic training and toning effects.

Acqua Wellness

Capacity: 2 – 12 Length: 45mins Description: Dynamic and engaging class suitable for any person. The consistent rhythm shifts, water support and steady massage performed have considerable effects of proprioception, toning and improvement of the circulatory and lymphatic system functions.
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Capacity: 2 – 12 Length: 45mins Description: Acqua Tonic refers to water gymnastics that employ water properties to tone muscles up, through both targeted exercises, that is, aimed at individually training the lower, upper limbs and torso, and coordination between different body parts. It advances the strengthening of all muscle tissue, from legs, buttocks, abs, arms, all the way up to shoulders.

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ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS: Once you installed the app “My Appy” use the QR code below to find Avalon center within the app. To access the app, if you are already our client, frame the QrCode and type in: Username: nome.cognome (all lowercase) Password: avalonsrl! (to change at first access)
Manual/Facility Code: 0276

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