Swimming pool

Swim, relax yourself, work out in our swimming pool

Get in the pool

Avalon’s swimming pool is 15m long, 1,40m deep and heated at 29°C. It is equipped with upstream swimming, hydromassage, Karst waterfall and Kneipp therapy.
The poolside views onto our Karst Park, which has a lounge area dedicated to relax, where you can enjoy peaceful sunbathing, away from the frenetic, crowded beaches.
In winter the Park transforms into a gentle snow-covered panorama.
During the week there’s a rich program of group classes such Acquawellness, Acquatonic, Hydrobike and Acquacircuit, besides private swimming classes for adults and children.  


Water is a key element in Avalon’s offer and the indoor pool is one of the most popular areas among our customers; the amazing view on the park, the karst waterfall and water’s warm temperature make this space ideal for those who want to relax and stay fit at the same time.
In summer, it is also possible to chill outside on the chaise longues placed in the garden.
The water and air temperatures make it an extremely enjoyable environment thanks to the balance of humidity levels.
Water’s quality and cleanliness are constantly monitored to protect your hygiene.

Water benefits

Swimming has always been considered one of the most complete sports in the sense that it is capable of stimulating almost all body muscles and helping the spine become more flexible.
For the little ones, it is an excellent flywheel to promote correct physical development. For the older ones, it helps taking care of some dysfunctions  and can be a powerful anti-stress.
A steady swimming pool activity can carry lots of different benefits: increased muscle strength (considering that movements are facilitated); greater joint flexibility; weight control; better heart oxygenation; asthma treatment and many more benefits we invite you to discover along with our staff.

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Water gymnastics

The pool provides a wide range of classes such as AcquaGym, Acqua Circuit, Acqua Bike, Acqua Wellness and many others; we also provide private swimming lessons for adults and children.
There is no shortage of lanes dedicated to those who want to practice free swimming.

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