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The kingdom of Avalon

Avalon Wellness & Medical Center is the only center in Friuli Venezia Giulia where mind and body, health and relaxation, technology and nature meet.
Avalon also claims the exclusivity in being the only Wellness and Medical Center in Friuli Venezia Giulia that provides different services for achieving total wellbeing.

Located in the heart of the Karst, just a few minutes away from the Center of Trieste, Avalon welcomes you with it’s regenerating atmosphere of our natural Karst Park.
The center stands out by far from other city gyms located in busy centers. The convenience of three private car parks in front of it is an advantage as well as a convenience especially for the citizen accustomed to having to spend a lot of his time looking for a parking space.

A relaxing environment awaits you, ideal to rediscover yourself: in the gym, in the swimming pool, in the Spa, in the beauty salon.

You will be greeted by the kindness and helpfulness of our entire staff: from the warm look and smile of our reception team, to the expertise of the trainers and beauticians, who carefully guide each client towards a complete psychophysical well-being.

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You could rely on individual training schedules designed by trainers, graduated in Motor Sciences, according to your needs and physical features.
You could choose the most fitting among the new bespoke programs focused on personal care and designed on the basis of the integration of specific activities and treatments, or you could simply treat yourself to a whole day devoted to pampering and taking care of your well-being.

The heated swimming pool gives the opportunity, after a training session or after physiotherapy to bathe in the warmth of the water, pampered by a relaxing hydromassage.

Outside, the benefits of relaxation begin with walks in the green, where nature and freshness come together to instill energy and balance.

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The Avalon restaurant allows guests to complete a relaxing day by tasting one of the many specialties in a delightful setting.

Our strong point is represented by the great number of repeaters. During the years a marvelous feeling of trust and sympathy established between customers and staff, making Avalon their second home.

It’s exactly the analysis of our customers that make Avalon increase its services and make all our customers feel better day by day.

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