Nowadays, nutrition is the key element for every task aimed at maintaining or restoring an optimal state of health. In all areas, the “foundation” on which any therapy or treatment leans is fundamental for a faster and lasting achievement of objectives. Beyond the weight loss, which however is sometimes necessary to guarantee a better result.

Nutrition is a much-debated topic and scientific discoveries in this area are constantly evolving, so the advice of a knowledgeable expert is of fundamental importance. The scientific discoveries of the last decades have led to a radical shift in the optimal dietary model for human health, compared to that of 50 years ago.

Therefore, many people are often confident they are “eating well” but perhaps consume foods with a pro-inflammatory effect with a certain frequency that make it much more difficult, for example, the treatment of chronic or recurrent inflammatory diseases, from arthritis to neck pain to frequent muscle strains.

Nowadays, every type of “trendy” diet is sold as the most effective and thousands of people try do-it-yourself diets, often at the expense, in the long term, of their health.

A well-trained and informed expert regarding the latest news in the food sector is essential to find one’s optimal diet, which leads to a greater state of vitality and well-being, as well as health.

It usually lasts an hour and a half and consists of an accurate diagnostic phase in which the Western approach is combined, through the measurement of body mass with a professional bio-impedance system and the analysis of any blood tests, with the Eastern approach which involves the diagnosis of the tongue and the evaluation of signs and symptoms.

The patient will be asked specific questions in order to understand his state of health and well-being and to know his current eating habits.

Only at this point, a series of dietary guidelines are laid down, explained and then delivered to the patient to be tested for the following month, with indicative references on what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks, with the explanation of some recipes and references for the purchase of good quality raw materials.

Once the visit is over, Dr. Aiuto stays available via e-mail and Whatsapp to answer any doubts that may arise.

It takes place one month after the first meeting to determine specific menus for the patient, based on experience with the new food model.

Personalized menus are arranged and printed out that take into account not only food properties, but also flavors and social habits so that the new diet is carved out like a tailor-made suit for the patient.

Depending on the patient’s needs, subsequent visits will be carried out with measurement of body mass and evaluation of the food diary and any blood tests, until the desired goal is achieved.

It allows to evaluate the body composition of the subject under examination (nutritional, muscular and hydro-electrolytic status) giving an accurate estimate of fat mass, lean mass, active cell mass, total and extracellular body water.

It is performed with a very precise, gold standard machinery of biompedentiometry (Akern BIA 101).

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