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Aesthetic medicine is aimed at improving the psychophysical well-being of the person, through non-invasive interventions aimed at solving an aesthetic imperfection, the prevention and treatment of aging in all age groups.

The WHO (World Health Organization) has recently extended the concept of health, defining it as the complete psychophysical well-being of the person, thus also recognizing the importance of aesthetic medicine for achieving full acceptance of one’s physical appearance.

Aesthetic medicine must not be bounding in its concept as a discipline aimed at the simple treatment of the imperfection, but at the identification and treatment of all the pathologies afferent to the imperfection itself which, if neglected, can favor the development of secondary or even tertiary disorders, whose prevention and treatment is of medical competence.

Injections of hyaluronic acid, by recalling numerous water molecules, fill wrinkles, induce an increase in the volume of lips and cheekbones and restore hydration and elasticity of the skin. Since hyaluronic acid is normally present in our body, the fillers that carry it are free from the risk of allergic reactions, but achieve results of limited duration since the acid is gradually reabsorbed.
The treatment consists of a series of injections made with an extremely fine needle in the thickness of the derma. The effect lasts about 6-8 months, after which it is possible to repeat the treatment.

Botulinum is indicated for the treatment of expression lines (dynamics) of the upper part of the face (forehead and periocular region).

Peeling is a skin rejuvenation process that is achieved by applying a substance that fosters a renewal of the epidermis and derma.

It is an ultrasound emission through a handpiece.

The treatment is ideal in all situations of adiposity. To make it more effective, medical science supports us with the method called “hydrolipoclasia”, when the doctor, before the ultrasound treatment, prepares the tissue to be treated with physiological infiltrations and appropriate active substances. The result is a localized and lasting decrease in fat cells.

Treatment for skin spots, couperose, warts removal.

  • Supralabial
  • Armpits
  • Groin
  • Half leg
  • Total leg

Face or neck lifting treatment.

Treatment for localized adiposity: once a month, at least 4 sessions recommended.

Treatment for localized adiposity: once a month, at least 4 sessions recommended.


  • NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION with Dr. Annarita Aiuto
  • SKIN CONSULTATION with Dr. Grazia Tusa
  • NUTRITIONAL CONSULTATION with Dr. Annarita Aiuto

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